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                Cowin Capital is glad to join your entrepreneurship journey. Please send your "business plan" to:cowin@bankofkarma.com

                Shenzhen Cowin Asset Management Co. Ltd. understands business plan is a trade secret, and will strictly abide by the duties of confidentiality for customers. We will abide by the following provisions:

                1. Shenzhen Cowin Asset Management Co. Ltd. does not distribute, disclose or distribute any business plan in any form or manner to any person unless it is an employee of his own company and the employee has good reason and requires knowledge of confidential information;

                2. Shenzhen Cowin Asset Management Co. Ltd. will treat their equally important confidential documents as cautious attitude towards business plans, to avoid disclosure to any third party.

                Please submit your business plan according to the specific requirements in the element hints.

                Project Short Name Investment Industry
                Company Name
                Contact Person Position Contact Phone
                Company Address

                Business Plan Element Tips

                • 1.Company Overview

                  The milestone or memorabilia of the company's development. (Let the reader have a preliminary understanding of the company's key information)

                • 2.Market Analysis

                  Market segmentation and market positioning, user buying characteristics and key buying factors, market size and growth rate, etc..

                • 3.Product/Service

                  The core technology and product development strategy, etc.

                • 4.Marketing Strategy

                  Product price strategy, channel strategy, marketing strategy, etc..

                • 5.Competition Analysis

                  The analysis of the industry, the main competitors at home and analysis of their own.

                • 6.Business Model

                  Value positioning analysis (to give users what value can be brought, to solve which key demands), industrial value chain analysis (according to the industry characteristics of industry value chain analysis).

                • 7.Other Information

                  You believe that is valuable to investors.